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The Arboretum is one of the area’s most popular outdoor venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Several special event lawns showcase the beautiful flowers and park setting to make your day memorable. Weddings are held from as early in the season as May and as lae as October. Each season offers a beautiful background that sets the stage for that special day.

The fee to use the Arboretum is $850. You may download our wedding contract at return it either by US mail or hand deliver with your security deposit of $170. Please check with us first about availability, or view the event calendar below.

Please refer to our Wedding Brochure that highlights each of the event areas during the changing seasons, and defines their seating capacity. You may also wish to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on the last page of this brochure.

The Arboretum can book two weddings on the same day, if they are held in different locations. We make every effort to coordinate logistics to ensure that both events may be successful. Please refer to the event map pictured below, to select your preferred site.

Calendar of Events